We're #1 Twice Skate Deck

Electricians Welfare Committee, Unit 4

Regular price $50.00

UPDATE 5: The skateboards are now sold out. The boards are expected to arrive shortly, and we will then ship out the boards asap in the order they were purchased. Thank You.

UPDATE 4 (10/13): Last chance to get your limited edition IBEW 11 skateboard, only 150 will be made. There are only 8 boards left, order yours now before the holiday rush.

UPDATE 3 (09/22): We have ordered the boards for those of you who have already purchased them, and we will continue to keep the pre-order option up for the next couple weeks for anyone else who is interested.

UPDATE 2: (09/16): We have shipped out the first batch of boards. We will now start our pre-order for the 2nd batch, this pre-order will last a month and then we will order the boards. There is no limit as to how many boards you can buy; however, since this is a pre-order we are asking that you purchase this separately from our other products. Thank You.


UPDATE 1: Thank you to the Brothers & Sisters who bought this skate deck, the amount allotted for online sales has sold out; however there will be a few boards to purchase at the Hall when they arrive this week.  We have decided to make a 2nd batch of boards, and once we ship out the first batch we will start a pre-order for the 2nd batch.

Introducing the first ever IBEW skate deck, American made on Canadian Maple. We took our "We're #1, Twice" shirt design, and updated it to fit on a skate deck.


Only 50 of these exist, they are $50 plus shipping. There is a limit of 1 board per person, if you order any additional boards your money will be refunded.

The District 4 Welfare Committee is made up entirely of volunteers, who come in after work. As a result, it may take a few days after you order for us to package and ship your items. Thank you for your patience.


If you plan on hanging the skate deck on your wall we recommend getting the SkateHoarding Wall Hanger