Founder Series Challenge Coin: William Hedden / J.C. Sutter (2 of 5)

Electricians Welfare Committee, Unit 4

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IBEW 11 challenge coin

IBEW Co-Founders William Heddon & J.C. Sutter on one side, and the Local 11 Bug on the other. 

Orders will be limited to 5 per member.  No exceptions.  

UPDATE: We have added more coins to the website, however we are no longer taking requests for numbers.  All future coins will be random numbers   

The second coin in our IBEW Founders series is here, and they will go on sale tonight at 7pm pdt.

The coins will be $20 each, however we will let people select individual numbers (1-500) for $5/per coin.  If you want a specific coin, after you place your order, please send an email to please include your order number in the subject.  We will then send you the payment information (PayPal, Venmo, and Zelle).  Once we get your payment the coin will be saved for you.

In addition, there was an error during the printing process and 123 coins in random came out bad and are being repressed.  If the coin you want is part of that we will let you know, and ship it out when they come in, which should be around mid May.



Challenge Coin Rules 

1. Rules of the coin game must be given or explained to all new coin holders.

2 The coin MUST be carried at all times. You can be challenged for it anywhere, any time. You must produce the coin without taking more than 1 step or an arm's length to produce it.

3. When challenging, the challenger must state whether it is for a single drink or a round of drinks.

4. Failure to produce a coin, for whatever reason, results in a
bought round or single drink (whatever the challenger
stated). This type of transaction could be expensive, so hold onto your coin. Once the offender (coinless challenger) has bought the drink or round, they can't be challenged again.

5. If all the challenged produce their coins, the challenger loses and must buy the drinks for all respondents. This too can be expensive, so challenge wisely.

6. Under no circumstances can a coin be handed to another in response to a challenge if a person gives their coin to another, that person can keep the coin -- it's theirs!!! However, if a person places the coin down and another person picks it up to examine it that is not considered giving, and the examiner are honour-bound to place the coin back. The examiner can't challenge while they hold another Members coin. After negotiating a ''reasonable" ransom", the examiner must return the, Member's coin.

7. If a coin is lost, replacement is up to the individual. A new coin should be acquired at the earliest opportunity -- losing a coin and not replacing it doesn't relieve a Member of his/her responsibilities. This is especially true if your fellow Members know that you traditionally carry a coin.

8. The coin should be controlled at all times. Giving a coin to just anyone is like opening a fraternity to just anyone. It is an honour to be given a coin, let's keep it that way. A given or awarded coin is of more personal value than a purchased coin.

9. No holes may be drilled in a coin.

10. The above rules apply to anyone who is worthy to be given/awarded a coin, has a purchased coin, or who is known to be a previous coin holder.