Local 11 Pride Sticker

Electricians Welfare Committee, Unit 4

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2.25" & 4” IBEW 11 Pride Sticker. This sticker is Union made in America.

When we released the 4th coin in our Founder’s series last month everyone asked how they can get the sticker that we based the color scheme on. The stickers have been out of print for years, but we got permission from the Local to reproduce them and they just arrived today. They’re available in both 2.5” and 4”.

(We have to charge shipping for the 4” stickers, so we recommend you order shirts and other items as well to save on shipping.)

The District 4 Welfare Committee is made up entirely of volunteers, who come in after work. As a result, it may take a few days after you order for us to package and ship your items. Thank you for your patience.